Why It's Best to NOT Feed McKinney Pigeons and What to Avoid Doing!

We all love to feed stray McKinney animals. However, there are instances that feeding them might do them more harm than good. There are also times that giving them with free foods will lead to several conflicts with humans and animals. Whether you are throwing bread crumbs or leaving food scraps for the pigeons, understand that these actions will have certain repercussions toward the place, the people, and the pigeon.

Reasons Why You Should Never Feed Pigeons

Some Texas people find joy in feeding the pigeon. However, they might not realize that the nesting materials and the accumulated droppings will not only make our place look unsightly, it can also transmit different diseases such as Cryptoccosis and Histoplasmosis. Some people will feed the pigeons due to their cultural beliefs. For instance, in India, feeding the pigeons can apparently help you find your ultimate happiness. Unfortunately, your happiness may be an unfortunate situation to some since you are feeding the pigeons.

This Can Hurt the McKinney Pigeon

In order to survive in a harsh environment, the pigeons will need their ability to hunt or scavenge their food. Once you choose to provide them with free food, they will learn how to be completely dependent to humans. This will make it difficult for them to live during the harsh weather season and if there is a scarcity of food. 

You Are Also Feeding Other Pests

Remember that the Texas pigeons can only eat much and the leftovers in the park will be eaten by other nuisance creatures such as squirrels, raccoons, and rats. Once these creatures understand that there is a steady supply of free food they would gather in large numbers. This is why you often see a significant wildlife infestation in the downtown. 

Hazardous to Health

Over-feeding the pigeons is actually hazardous to the health of the animals and the humans. A group of Texas pigeons can multiply at an outstanding rate. Once the population of the pigeon is way out of control, the transmission of the disease will be encouraged. Other members of the colony can die from starvation due to the restricted food. Their population also entails safety risks towards humans. Their droppings will carry fungal spores that the human can accidentally inhale that may lead to serious illnesses.

Bread is Not Nutritious

The white bread that the residents will often give to the pigeons will not contain a high amount of protein and fats that the pigeon need to have a sufficient amount of energy to fulfill their daily errands. There are also large breads that can block the digestive tract of the pigeons. The breads that are left outside for an extended period will develop mold. Eating bread that contains mold will be hazardous to the health of the pigeon.

The next time that you have leftover bread in your pocket, you should not give them to the McKinney pigeons. By doing this, you will be able to keep the park clean and the pigeon healthy. Remember that there are hungry people that you can feed with those breads.

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