Texas Opossums and Their Natural Diet! Is it Healthy and What Do They EAT??

The only marsupial McKinney creature found in the US has a very short lifespan. Opossums will often be the victim of wild animals and vehicles. They can be found all over Canada and the US. Having a complete understanding about the natural behavior of the opossum will help you devise a plan to keep them away from your property. Nonetheless, it will also be beneficial in case you encounter an opossum that requires assistance.

What Food Do Opossums Eat?

Opossums are opportunistic feeders and will usually feast on a range of Texas food items. They are also omnivorous, which implies that they can digest both plant-based and meat products. The diet of the opossums will change depending on the availability and the season. For instance, during the summer, they prefer to hunt insect while smaller mammals will become their target when the winter comes.

McKinney Opossums in the Wild

If the opossum did not receive enough nutrients from the food, they will be prone to MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). This condition may lead to death since they will not be given with the proper medical care in the wild. In order to receive the sufficient amount of nutrients, the opossum will eat a mixture of bird, insects, grass, gastropods, earthworms, fruits, bulbs, seeds, mammals, and leaf litters. They may also hunt for carrions, small reptiles and amphibians. 

Opossums in the City

The Texas city dwellers will generally be dependent to human for their source of food. This is why they will often live close to human. They may attack our birdfeeders and the pet food that we left outside. They can also rummage our compost pit and garbage bin to collect the organic wastes and leftovers. The rotten fruits in our yard are staple part of their diet. They can also eat the vegetables in our garden. In case the sources of these foods are limited, they will hunt other pests such as rats and mice. They will also eat insects that are found in the city like snails and beetles.

How Do They Find Food

The opossum have very poor eyesight. They will generally use their sense of smell and touch when hunting for Texas food. When climbing trees and other high structures, they will use their sharp claws to have a good grip. Their tails will also play a huge part in maintaining their balance. When looking for nourishment, they may occasionally raid our house and chicken coops.

It is highly essential that you immediately handle your McKinney infestation problem. While they are looking for their food, the opossum might get into a fight with our pets. They can also transmit diseases to humans and pets and some of them can be fatal. To make sure that the damage that you will incur will be minimized; you should call the help of your local wildlife removal expert. They can assess your situation and provide you a customized solution that will deliver a long-term solution to your opossum problem. 

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