Do All McKinney Squirrels Carry Rabies? Answers and How to Tell!

There are wide selections of McKinney animals that may carry rabies and squirrel would be one of them. Since we normally encounter them in our community, it would be easy to understand why most of us feel uneasy about their presence. Hikers and the hunters tend to get too close to them which expose them to the bites and scratches of the squirrels. In our years of offering service in the wildlife industry, we often encounter people wondering if this tiny creature carries rabies.

Not All Squirrels Carry Rabies

According to the reports, the possibility that a Texas squirrel may carry rabies is relatively low despite of the fact that warm-blooded creatures are potential carrier of rabies. Squirrels have docile nature; however, there is still no guarantee that it will not bite you. In addition, there is also no assurance that the one that will bite you will be free from the rabies virus. We still encourage you to seek medical attention should you suffer an injury from the attack of the squirrel to remain safe. 

The Bites of the McKinney Squirrels

We would like to remind you again that a Texas squirrel that is acting erratic is not common. The first reaction of a scared squirrel would be to run on the nearby tree to evade the predators. You will need to be very close to them before they can launch an attack. Most often than not, the squirrel will choose to avoid you rather than to confront you. Nonetheless, during the nesting season, you will most probably encounter a protective mother. You will know that a squirrel will be ready to defend themselves if they did not move.

What Should You Do In Case You or Your Pet Have Been Bitten by the Squirrel

Pet or human that has been bitten by the squirrel should be immediately taken to the medical office. Rabies vaccination is required for every pet; nevertheless, the veterinarian can still examine the wound of your pet for signs of rabies. The vets would then dressed the wound and will write a report to notify the wildlife authorities. The report of the incident would be crucial to the safety of everyone. In case there is a rabies infestation in your area, the wildlife authorities can also inform the local veterinarians. It is also highly unlikely that you have knowledge on the behavior of the squirrel that bit your pet. Taking them to the veterinarian will help you gain the fundamental knowledge that you need. 

Humans that have acquired injury or wound from the attack of the Texas squirrel will be required to provide information about the type and the behavior of the animal. Bites from the squirrel will not activate rabies protocol in most of the clinic or hospitals. If the squirrel is acting aggressive and if they have foam in their mouth, this should be reported to the local wildlife agency. You will then be provided with a particular antibiotic if you have been bitten by squirrel.

Usually, you will be safe from the bites of the McKinney squirrels. However, you should not ignore seeking medical attention if you acquired wound from their bites or scratches. 

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